BCL Report – Oct 16, 2008

 the crowd got much larger by the end of the night

Night of the Living Broken City was awesome. It was cold, but there was a good group of people that came out and enjoyed the glory that is Teenagers From Outer Space. We collectively decided it was too cold to stay out for the second movie, NIght of the Living Dead (sorry if anyone came out later and missed us!!!). 

Michelle and Danielle venture into the Drama building to get power

We showed up around 6:30, knowing we had to get inside the Drama building, plug in our extension cord and prop the side door open. Michelle and Danielle ventured inside. 

the gear

Our gear. The speakers we used were from a Dell computer I got back when I started university. The sound was a bit quiet, but I think it worked. 

setting up the projector while there's still light

Setting up the projector, speakers, computer, trying to balance when to turn on the projector. There was a drama class going throughout the entire screening, we were a little concerned someone might pull the plug on us.

doing an initial projection test

The moment of truth, turning on the projector and doing some tests.

7:00 was a little early to start, the projector could hardly fight against the ambient light

It was still a little too light at 7pm. We tried to wait for it to get a little darker and for some more folks to show up.

more adjustments

Making some final adjustments to the projector. I think it was still a bit overblown by the time it got darker.

the start of Teenagers From Outer Space

Teenagers From Outer Space begins…

small crowd to start

The initial crowd…

awesome night, nice to see some new faces

We shared some blankets as more people showed up… I was really happy with the turnout… but I think we’re going to have to wait until next spring or summer to try a long-duration outdoor screening. However, I am interested in getting a more mobile setup happening.

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