Being Productive Again: Day 1

our sign

Now that Intersession is done, we’ve finally been able to put that downtown space to some use. Cristina and I spent the better part of the day in the space, using it basically as an office, but we’ll be there at least one more day this week and potentially one day on the weekend picking up where we left off on some older projects and inevitably starting some new ones.

On today’s agenda: see the new hybrid buses and look for some Text In-Transit signs (which we found), set up a small work area in the space, make some preliminary decisions about our book so we can get started on it, and photograph a new research site.

Also, we’re looking for any biodegradable plastic bags you may have (hint: Bulk Barn gives out biodegradable bags) for another project. If you have any, please drop them off at 406 Pelissier. We’ll be there Tuesday from 12noon until around 4pm.

hybrid buses

We missed the formal introduction of the new hybrid Transit Windsor buses, but we peered through the windows and spotted a sign that had been recently installed. Steven also already saw a couple signs.

Cristina shoots the interior of the new bus

Cristina photographing the first sign (of any kind) to be installed on one of the new hybrid buses.

Text In-Transit on the bus!

Through the window: “It won’t cost you anything and think of how nice it would be.” This panel was actually written by an old friend of mine who recently moved back to Windsor (yes, that actually happens, I guess).


406 Pelissier with a nice view of the street.

Justin working

First thing first, posting a photo of the spotted Text In-Transit sign.

computer work

Cristina started making a sign to add to the sandwich board that we placed on the sidewalk.

the sign

Cristina starts the sign on the sandwich board.

Broken City Lab, the sign

Broken City Lab on the sign. I liked the green and red houses above.

open sign

Cristina mounts the OPEN sign next to the sandwich board.


We were open and will be on Tuesday as well.

Justin working

After moving the desk to get better reception for the DWBIA, we started working on a Google Doc for the book, it’s really great that we can both be working on the document at the same time and it keeps updating itself.

Cristina talks books

Cristina makes a point, while pictured in front of Steven’s installation.

google doc

The document in Google Docs.

potential cover for our book?

A quick Photoshop version of a potential cover?

biodegradable plastic bags

Though not from today, but still a photo I’ve been meaning to post. This is a biodegradable plastic bag from Bulk Barn that Steven and I were working with last week.


I’m not sure what other stores offer biodegradable bags, but I’m assuming if it is biodegradable, it’ll have a message like this.

Cristina braves the grass

So, after we left the downtown space, we headed to the park on Sandwich, near the University / Riverside split.

photos of the site

Cristina got some shots of the fence, which will likely be the focus of the project in the area.

live view

Cristina uses her live view on her new camera.

fence site

The fence is pretty ideally situated.

potential fence site

The fence is on the edge of a park, next to an apartment building and on a fairly busy route to the University.

fence site

The fence spans all the way along the park, but we’re concentrating on the section nearest the road.

the park

Near the fence is this jungle gym (and a once working fountain).

Justin measures

I tried to get an approximate measurement for the fence.

Justin does some calculations

Doing some calculations resulted in a kind of startling number.

the park

A panoramic view of the site, we’ll be doing more work on this throughout the week.

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  1. Re the biodegradable plastic bags – A couple of weeks ago I bought some books at Chapters and when I declined the offer of a plastic bag the clerk advised me that their bags were biodegradable. It would interesting if a list were compiled. Also, what the heck has happened to the paper bags the grocery stores used to offer as an alternative?

    1. It would be great to get a list going to see who is offering biodegradable bags, good call!

      And so, I’ll add that to the call: if you have biodegradable bags from Chapters or Bulk Barn, bring them down to 406 Pelissier, we’ll be there from 12noon to about 4pm.

    2. Apparently, paper bags are not as green as once claimed to be.
      They are heavier than the plastic bags, have a higher chance of tearing and are less likely to be reused.

      And the stores would probably get a lot of arguments if people had to pay 5 cents for them.

  2. Oh God. Re-looking at these photos, I hope the change in my colour settings today will make the next post’s photos waaaay less gross and over saturated.
    Stupid new camera and me not being used to it yet. :)

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