1. Thanks a ton for the updates! I’ve been living vicariously through you guys on this trip!

    The student exchange is a great idea. As a parent of a teen and a tween, I hate the fact that they have this idea that Detroit (actually – the US as a whole) is a dangerous, nasty place and to have them develop their own relationships spanning the border would be a great tonic to that pervasive belief.

  2. Wow, this is really inspiring and exciting. We would love to get you guys to Philadelphia some day to brainstorm how our city could learn from some of your projects, and the methods you are using to develop cross-border communication… of course, across our river lies the foreign territory of… New Jersey! But we are also thinking about other borders, between city and suburbs, between university districts and surrounding areas, etc.

  3. Chris, great to hear from you — hope you’ve been well! Glad you’re into this idea, we may just be able to pull something off like this yet!

    Mimi, first off, thank you for your amazing twitter feed, we get so much information from it! We’d love to visit Philadelphia, so just keep us posted. There’s a number of cities that border rivers (but not necessarily other countries) that we’ve been interested in learning more about or working in to figure out how best to creatively scale an international border.

  4. Ah, Chris! Seeing as none of us are parents, it’s great to hear your perspective! I’m glad you agree that most children/teens have this skewed perception of America and that as a parent you would also be interested in a program like this!

    And thanks Mimi! As Justin said, we’d LOVE to come and visit Philadelphia and learn more about the creative possibilities of border cities! Keep us posted!

  5. Ok! Will be in touch — we are planning an art exhibit, symposium, and related workshops for April-June 2011 on “Mobile Mediality: Place in Motion” and that might be a perfect opportunity to organize a visit; I’ll definitely let you know, especially if we get some funding!

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