Tetsuo Kondo Architects teamed up with a German climate engineering firm called Transsolar to create this, an indoor atmosphere complete with clouds. They managed this feat by pumping three layers of air into the room: “cool dry air at the bottom that keeps the cloud floating, hot humid air in the middle to fashion a dense fog and hot dry air at the top.” The project’s creators also decided to include a circular ramp so visitors can walk through the clouds above them. This reminds me of Damien Hirst‘s claim that someday he would find a way to create an indoor rainbow in a gallery (I’m not sure he’s been able to pull it off yet). Either way, it’s pretty amazing how much this indoor atmosphere changes the room’s perceived size.

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    1. That is so amazing. I think they cited that work on the write up of the cloudscapes project. Please can we see something like this in Canada instead of Europe. ahah Just once!

  1. That’s really cool – it looks like the opposite of a fog machine effect – or maybe I’ve just been working in the haunted house too much…

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