Confetti Graffiti

confetti graffiti by eltono

I can’t remember where I stumbled across Eltono’s work, but this project in particular seemed worth noting. Using double-sided tape and confetti, the gallery space starts off with the walls looking essentially blank (except for the double-sided tape designs) and a big pile of confetti in the middle. Fun if nothing else, I guess, right? There are some more photos of this project executed on the street at Eltono’s website.

2 Replies to “Confetti Graffiti”

  1. Where can we do this?
    I think we should TOTALLY do one of these somewhere that doesn’t mind sweeping up afterward.
    Or somewhere that we can lay out tons of plastic to collect the debris.

    1. I have a feeling we might need to make confetti out of the city’s budget for this year. Let’s see, I’m down for cutting up some paper.

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