1. Michelle

    White letters all the way. They pop so much against the cityscape, where nothing is pure white. Is the goal to have them look sweet out in the city where they belong, or sitting in the gallery where they aren’t doing much? I understand not wanting to paint a black wall inside the space for them to sit against,, im sure there could be a temporary solution such as fabric? It’d be interesting to see as well, over time, how dirty they get as more people use them. I think the accumulation of grime over time also adds to the concept. Think of a well-loved library book.

    Is there a plan for collecting images of participant’s interventions, or are we just going to ‘let it be’?

    I can’t wait to sign out these letters. If they’re black though, I’d reconsider using them at all, the photos wouldn’t nearly look as crisp. I really feel that black letters will sit in the space, and white letter will exist in the city.

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