GOOD’s Livable Streets

GOOD Magazine's Livable Streets Winner

GOOD recently had a Livable Streets competition where they invited readers to do some rendering and Photoshopping of holistic redesigns. The winner, Steve Price, reimagined Portsmouth, Virginia with infill development, light rail, and dedicated bike paths.

We need to do this for Windsor. Anyone up for putting their skills to use? Maybe Scaledown should try to push something like this forward.

3 Replies to “GOOD’s Livable Streets”

  1. I’m sitting here in the corner, minding my own business, and Justin decides to increase my workload tenfold!

    Thanks Justin! ;)

  2. i keep wishing the city would of considered a rail car system here. even for along the river. part of our history they let go.

    i’m riding my bike downtown in a bit to pick up a pass for media city they’re so kindly passed onto me. i love how i can hop on my bike and not worry about money, gas, insurance, loans, parking… it’s a very positive way to get around.

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