Guerrilla Art Residencies at DIY megastores

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In Paris, there is a new (guerilla) residency program initiated by Paul Souviron and Antoine Lejolivet through the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD. The residencies consist of spending some time in a DIY megastore and creating temporary installations.

There’s numerous ideas about artist residencies that don’t necessarily take place in the traditional space of galleries or centres, but instead focus on the potential for artists having a role in more everyday places. Schools, landfills, and city halls have been the site for artist residencies, and I have to wonder about the possibilities of artist residencies here in Windsor; and I’m not even that interested in thinking about residencies at the Big 3, Caesars Windsor, or city hall.

What about residencies at the library, at the riverfront, at Walkerville Brewery, at the corner of Randolph and University, at the corner store, at Milk, at the parking garage, at the bridge, or at the bench on Wyandotte near Kildare? And why wait for someone to make one? Why don’t we create a series of residencies? Why don’t you offer your front porch for a week-long artist residency?

Steven’s ideas from last week are looking more and more enticing (and possible).

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5 Replies to “Guerrilla Art Residencies at DIY megastores”

  1. awesome idea and thanks for posting this!

    hey maybe the grass braiding can be considered a ‘guerilla art residency’? or the vacant lot project that i’m working on? hmm…

    1. I think you should absolutely consider your grass braiding as a residency … you were doing a residency at that park (I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the name of it!) Also, vacant lot project is definitely a guerilla residency if you say it is, and I’d be happy to apply to participate! :)

  2. Not sure if he knows that what he’s doing fits (or I think it does) but a fellow kitty-corner to me who has/had some bike art on his building’s front lawn (northeast corner of Elm Avenue and Riverside Drive) seems apropos with this idea.

    Basically, he had some statues that he made (fused bike parts and geometry with human forms – if in a arguably pornographic [and not good pornographic!] way). He might be someone you already know of or worth a talking-to.

    This fellow can be found hanging out around the property on a nice day, grinding/welding all things metal and cycle-like; check him and out and what he does if you like – because I think he’s all about bicycles vis a vis automobility (or maybe he’s all about the fun, which is cool too, right?).

    Caveat: “Bike Man” as we deem him here across the street (a term of endearment) hasn’t had any such art plopped on the lawn lately; a small version of one of his pieces lives obscured by some bushes in front of his big brown building, but that’s been about it for this summer (otherwise folks were always walking/biking by to admire/admonish his creations). He still has some wicked homemade rides at the side though, and can be found test-pedaling them down Elm Avenue on nice days. Look him up and check him out for kicks if nothing else :)

    1. @Michelle – I know the place you’re talking about, though I’m not sure if I know him. I had been curious about who had done those, but you’re right, I haven’t seen any for a while.

      @Steven – you’re right, arrests wouldn’t be fun. Hopefully we can come up with ideas that could be more interesting than big box stores, though admittedly, I think doing something in the abandoned Home Deport near the mall would be fun.

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