Mary Tremonte Prepping for Tonight’s Silkscreening Party

Mary Tremonte from Justseeds Artist Cooperative is here and getting ready for the Pre-May Day Parade Printing Party happening tonight at 7pm @ Civic Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor). Join us tonight as we print awesome labour-inspired images on bandanas, posters, and signs, which will be handed out after the May Day Parade tomorrow at 6:30pm @ Drouillard Park (1247 Drouillard Road).


April 30th @ 7:00PM (CIVIC SPACE)

Pre-May Day Parade Printing Party: bandanas, penants, and signs will be made for the May Day parade @ BCL Civic Space, 411 Pelissier

May 1st @ 6:30PM (Drouillard Park)

May Day Bandana, Penant, and Sign Distro: after parade @ Drouillard Park

May 10th @ 7:00PM (CIVIC SPACE)

Uprisings: Images of Labour: exhibition opening @ BCL Civic Space, 411 Pelissier

May 17th @ 7:00PM (CIVIC SPACE)

Justseeds Closing Event, w/ DJ Mary Mack @ BCL Civic Space, 411 Pelissier