Redesigning Fences

Thinking about the many ways to work with fences, given that we seem to continually insist of putting them up, I found a couple examples lately of artists and designers working to interweave new patterns into chain link fence.

lace fence' by joep & jeroen verhoeven van demakersvan

“Lace Fence” by Joep & Jeroen Verhoeven van Demakersvan

"L'Univers", 2007 by Nicolas Milhé.

“L’Univers”, 2007 by Nicolas Milhé.

a strategy not fully exploited

A Windsor strategy not fully exploited. Inserting vertical (or horizontal for that matter) strips of plastic of material into a fence could allow other patterns to emerge.

[via DesignBoom & vvork]

4 Replies to “Redesigning Fences”

  1. HI,

    Great post! I thought you might dig this one (they even make wallpaper in the same pattern)



  2. Holy crap, I need coffee. Your first pic is their fence. I haven’t seen that one before. Anyway, three posts later…

    Love your site.

    Love from Brooklyn,


    1. thanks for the link Jessica … they’re doing some really incredible work at DEMAKERSVAN. I’m curious how well their Light Wind project works…

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