Smorgasborder 02: Rewriting Windsor

Michelle and GC

Last night’s Noiseborder event was a success.  A number of people came down to Studio A in Lambton tower  and helped us collaboratively rewrite Windsor’s history using maps, time lines, and story boards.  All content was digitally remixed and projected on the screen with old photos and videos of Windsor.

Justin discussing the event

Justin started off the night by explaining the goal and purpose of the event, encouraging everyone to pick up the various pens and markers around them and collectively write down personal/fictional/”what you can remember” events from Windsor.

Everyone was busy drawing, writing, creating new ideas and remembering their past.

Immony Mixing

Immony and Justin remixed the visuals.  They took old photos and videos of Windsor, and remixed them with the scans of the group’s drawings and writing.  Brent Lee remixed the sounds.  He took clips from CKLW and other Windsor radio stations, and created an ambient noise that mashed perfectly with the visuals.

Closing off the night with a nice positive message.

All the content produced will be made into a PDF, that we will put on the website as soon as possible.  We’ll later publish as a book with everyone in attendance as a co-author.

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  1. I’m new to this site, but this looks like it was a bunch of fun. Great pics too! Can’t wait to see this PDF

  2. sure Justin, I don’t know how to go about it though. My name is Nicole A Talbot on FB. I can post it there.

  3. Hey there – Is the content pdf of the event available yet? I couldn’t locate it on the site. I’m particularly interested in the historical takes on the intersection between people and the tallgrass prairie communities of Windsor, especially as relates to conservation of the eastern massasauga. Thanks in advance, Kent

    1. Kent, yes, there is a pdf nearly assembled on my hard drive waiting to be finished and uploaded. I’ll try to get it up soon, it’ll be posted on the front page once it’s up.

      That being said, the content of the pdf is really a personal and / or fictional take on Windsor’s history, though understanding a more specific history as you’ve pointed out would be really great as well. I’d love to see this being an evolving sort of open-community publication where multiple people build multiple histories of the same place… maybe a future project?

      1. cool. thanks Justin. much appreciated. if you or your colleagues are aware of any existing (non-fictional) histories of the Windsor area I’d benefit from hearing from you. the Ojibway Prairie and surrounding remnant natural areas (Spring Garden ANSI) are unique in Ontario and obviously threatened by the urban landscape in which they now find themselves. of specific interest is the fact that, despite good work concerned citizens and govt officials, the population of rattlesnakes is about to become extinguished. this is a tragic tale that we have bascially witnessed and more or less documented over the last 20 that I’ve been involved as a conservation professional with the federal govt. I’d love to come up with a project idea featuring the Windsor prairie / rattlesnakes for consideration by BCL. glad to continue the conversation with you and others. best, kent

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