1. Mike

    Have fun there, I wish I could go. There’s lots to do, explore the bayfront and if you can all the historical sites and waterfalls.

    • Hi Mike, sorry we’ll miss you up there … hopefully it’s not our last trip up to Hamilton, so next time!

      We unfortunately won’t have a lot of time to explore tonight, so we therefore have to find another time to go up and explore a lot more … I had no idea there were waterfalls in Hamilton!?

  2. Michelle

    “Come on out and learn how art can interact with the urban environment leading to AWESOMENESS!”

    How could this not be a good time!? It’s been a while since we’ve worked in a workshop/demo type format with the public…I’m excitedffefe!!

  3. Mike

    It’s known as the City of Waterfalls and the Waterfall capital of Canada. Not many people realize this. Till next time then. :)

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