A Visualization of Dream Theories

thoughts on dreams.

This is Traumgedanken, or Thoughts on Dreams, by German artist Maria Fischer. Fischer compiled 76 pages of various articles on dream theories and connected allĀ similarĀ ideas and key points together using coloured string, which continues to the end of the book. It’s a great way to visualize the information. I’d love a Psych textbook like this, please.


I found this on Colossal.

5 Replies to “A Visualization of Dream Theories”

  1. physical hyperlinking, nice find Rosina! … I had a dream once that books were connected like this, so that you saw a shelf and ideas were connected with string across the shelves, but you couldn’t actually reach through all the string and read anything.

    Anyways, I quite like this, and the information added by the physicality of the connected and coloured string really makes me wonder about the context that can be provided by materials — that’s not a novel idea itself, but the possibility that this approach could bring to smaller scale projects has my brain going.

  2. Super intriguing, even just as an idea. It’s frustrating just imagining what it’s like to navigate through this book. ahah Rosina, contact Pearson. Maybe they would do Intro to Psychology (The Synapse/Neuron Edition)!

    1. Oh nice one. I love pop-up books. Would be great to consider a specific topography within a pop-up books of sorts. More information.

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