1. Kevin

    Interesting choice for the filmers of “the barrier”. It seems candid, almost as if it was taken on a phone. I think it’s part of it. I wonder if this was the submission video.
    I really enjoy the surprise element in fireworks. It must have been such a mundane place to walk to (most of the time).

  2. It makes me want more video documentation of things.
    It also makes me want to play with fireworks, I think.

    But, back to the idea of documentation — what do you like best in documentation? The process? Photos, video, interviews? Just final “products” so to speak? Physical copies of things, or is digital enough?

  3. Kevin

    Documentation is a good subject. For filming’s sake: I used to film and edit a lot more than I have in recent, although I remember quite enjoying the process of filming in a moment of presence.

    Maybe it’s a satisfactory thing because one knows while filming that once it’s on the the net, someone will probably enjoy the video. For me, I enjoy seeing things in motion as well. Although with filming and editing, it gives me the excuse to utilize sound or music; which is a model for viewing that if done correctly, I quite enjoy. I’m sure something silent can enhance a viewing experience as well, but for viewing models’ sake, music is fun.

    I think there’s a balance with photography accompanied by writing, and a video post accompanied by writing. Time and place I guess. Or whatever one feels compelled to do is always fun.

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