1. Rosina

    I like this!

    Will you be posing the same set of questions to each artist?
    I liked the last question, I’m curious to hear responses from others you chose.

    • Josh

      I’m thinking of the same set for a while because I’m interested in the variety between answers more than knowing “everything”. Thanks!!! I’m excited for more too.

  2. Kevin

    Yes agree on all accounts, very awesome interview Joshua and Sara!
    I love the last question as well, it isn’t exactly a question about one’s practice but sometimes it has so much to do with it.

    Also, is that his work within the circle where the 5 is? Super well done.

  3. This is hilarious.

    I saw his stuff at my FAVOURITE STORE IN THE WORLD called Telegramme, located in Toronto.
    His beer-series…I’m going to buy them. They’re wicked.

    I’ve had a tab open on my iPhone Safari browser since I was in Toronto…in September. So I don’t forget to buy these when I get some extra flow.

    SO awesome.

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