4 Replies to “Imported from Detroit : A Car Commercial”

  1. I know a few people have been giving this commercial some flack, but I kind of enjoyed it. I mean, as soon as I heard the beginning part to Lose Yourself I knew it’d be cheesed up, but the narration really draws me in.

    1. Danielle said something similar, and I think I’m with you guys.

      It is, after all, a commercial, not a documentary film; and up until the choir+Eminem, I think it did something very important — it highlighted a different story for the city of Detroit (albeit mostly through narration), one in which the (hard) realities on the ground were understood as something that the city can take some ownership over as being foundational to the way the community members within the city shape their lives and their understanding of the rest of the world.

  2. I really liked this ad, too. Saw it on a forum as I didn’t watch the actual SuperBowl. A few people thought featuring Eminem was dumb, but 1 – it was for the SuperBowl and 2 – as far as media goes, he pretty much represents Detroit. It’s hard to see him without some reference to the city. Actually, there was a Brisk Iced Tea ad that kind of poked fun of that fact – made me laugh.

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