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  1. That’s an interesting area to highlight, Kevin. The proximity to remaining bush/forest and your ongoing interactions with wildlife around there certainly highlight what is being increasingly lost, but also makes a strong point about the lack of proper attention / initiatives put to focus some infill in struggling areas such as the downtown.

    Infrastructure money (that is, in hard infrastructure like roads and street scaping) has been put into the downtown over the last couple of years — Pelissier and Ouellette. In terms of ‘make this better’ what seems more compelling though, is the idea of these lots and infrastructure waiting for more development that probably isn’t needed in that area.

    I think pointing to a deteriorating neighbourhood — at a physical level at least — is a bit too simple of a read. Your relationship to this place and possibly the changes you’ve seen over time seems more interesting somehow. Knowing more about the history of that area in terms of development could provide some great context as well.

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