Windsor Airport: Slim Future

While researching different spaces for ourĀ Make This Better project, I’ve become more and more drawn to the Windsor Airport. This space has been so neglected that major talk for shutting it down is now on the table.

As of 2007, Serco Aviation Services Inc. terminated its contract regarding airport management from the City of Windsor because they’ve been losing money by being there. Now the City of Windsor operates the airport at an alarming deficit. I found all this information by simply typing “Windsor Airport” into Google for a brief history on it. Everything that came up was so negative and discouraging.

It seems, however, that the issue is more heavily connected with our next door neighbours.

With the Detroit Airport as a more internationally known landing area, Windsor Airport’s airspace is controlled from Detroit. This makes me wonder if having an airport in Windsor is even necessary? With the few that I’ve had the chance to discuss this with, their responses have been quite interesting, with the majority of them asking: “Where is the Windsor Airport?”.

Everything that I have been learning and researching about the airport in Windsor makes me feel like it would be a perfect site for Make This Better.

What do you guys think?

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  1. I agree with you, Hiba.
    I remember hearing talk of a development of a maintenance hangar over the summer, but I haven’t heard about that since, or if it’s still in talks. I feel like I’ve been hearing discussion for a while, but there’s nothing.
    Also, you’ve reminded me of this that was posted a while ago.

  2. I think Windsor has been trying to get to some more commercial use for the airport, though admittedly, I’m not sure how successful it’s been. The city is being fairly aggressive as I understand it, in trying to attract new businesses out there (and everywhere for that matter, with a new 10 year tax break of sorts for businesses that expand or build facilities in Windsor).

    The most challenging part of looking at the airport for one of the stops on our letter-based tour of the city is in thinking about how we might begin to suggest to make it better. Michelle’s location allowed some immediate directions for imagining a change (though not necessarily who would lead that change). Is there a possibility to consider the same for this one?

    I think the image that Rosina linked to is really on point, and perhaps a more fitting read of YQG in terms of the project … that is, in its function a gateway to the city.

    1. haha nice timing Justin! We linked the same place, I didn’t see there was a reply until i finished mine.
      Suggesting or alluding how to make it better is a tough one as far as the airport goes. Very interesting though!

  3. turn it into a park…a prairie grassland preserve. let little river run through it again. open the woodlots to trails.

    1. but open to public, of course.

      and I’m only half kidding. Didn’t they used to have go karts near the airport? Maybe they’re still there, I don’t know. But maybe they could add some more plants and such and even turn it into go kart / track. Free days for green/greener vehicles?

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