1. Ahhh! I saw that picture of the pull-off tab with the two arrows on your twitter, I think and it made me remember that logo you put together for the Windsor-Detroit thing we talked about with Erin a while ago.

    I think these are a very cool start to something larger! I really like that the tabs are double-sided, and I like that there are recipes mixed in there. Maybe the idea of social recipes could be extended: recipes for everything great. Maybe this is a just a randomly encountered ongoing recipe book? Maybe tabs that are left over get complied into a book? Or maybe these are offered to be setup as a book that anyone can assemble?

    Facts are cool too, maybe facts about wherever you post them?

  2. Awesome idea. Could it include not only compliments for the person who comes in contact with your sign, but also directives regarding passing on the kindness? For example, “Smile at the next person you see.”

  3. I like the fact that there is so much variety between the content on the tabs. The auto parts/utopia and recipe tabs are my favourite though. Do you have any locations in mind yet?

  4. Rosina

    Kikipotamus, I’m not too interested in giving away compliments, however I do think you have a point in getting people to interact somehow with the tabs they receive.

    Justin, I really like the idea of making some tabs have a connection with the space. The assembling of something could work out great too! I might try to add that in somehow.

    Joshua, so far I’d like to post these up near bus stops or inside bus shelters, perhaps around the U, any kind of gathering or waiting place.

  5. I think setting a kind of limit on the time these are up in any of these locations will be interesting for a number of reasons … perhaps setting yourself up to revisit them on a weekly basis or something might facilitate a dialogue through the work over a longer stretch of time and might actually offer more opportunities to engage with the space in numerous ways.

    It’d be really cool to see these go up. Keep me posted, happy to help install.

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