Deinstallation of Alive & Well


Alive & Well, our 350 ft long message painted on the city-owned parking lot for the 2011 AGW Biennial and recently captured by Google Maps, is in the process of being torn up to make way for an Aquatic Centre. We’ll be actively looking for a new parking lot, field, or rooftop to do another […]

“Alive & Well” viewable on Google Maps


Our project for the 2011 Windsor Biennial, Alive & Well, was created with the hope that it would be captured on Google MapsĀ to make a monument or announcement of sorts to the rest of the world about Windsor as we near the end of the year andĀ ahead of being torn up for the new Aquatic […]

How We Spent Labour Day Afternoon

It was a beautiful day in Windsor yesterday. Something like 30 degrees fahrenheit cooler than it was just a couple days ago when we were installing at Forest City Gallery. We started and finished our project for this year’s Windsor Biennial. We’ll have a lot more photos soon. The show opens on September 21, 2011, […]

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