“Alive & Well” viewable on Google Maps

Alive & Well, screenshot from Google Maps, colour-balanced

Our project for the 2011 Windsor Biennial, Alive & Well, was created with the hope that it would be captured on Google Maps to make a monument or announcement of sorts to the rest of the world about Windsor as we near the end of the year and ahead of being torn up for the new Aquatic Centre. We did the project with full expectations that the timing might not be right to ever have it appear on Google Maps, but this morning on a random search, I found out that there was a little update — Alive & Well is now on Google Maps, when you zoom into Windsor’s downtown core.

We created the work with this in mind:

The city appears to have survived the lowest lows of the economic crisis and our social, cultural, and political realities seem to hold some sense of hope and possibility. Even while the auto industry continues to hold precarious sway over the future of the city, the opportunity to own our history and commemorate it should, appropriately enough, be explored in a vast parking lot. In celebration of our community’s continued survival, we propose to demarcate the launch of a cultural future for the city, as demonstrated by the starting date of the 2011 Windsor Biennial along with IAIN BAXTER&’s curatorial role, and the very fact that the city has, despite any hardships, not yet imploded, with the following text, “AS OF 2011.09.21, WE ARE ALIVE & WELL.

Huge thanks to the Art Gallery of Windsor, MacDonald & White Paint, and Google for making this possible.

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6 Responses to ““Alive & Well” viewable on Google Maps”
  1. Hiba says:

    This is the BEST news to wake up to EVER! Wow! SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

    High five guys!

    • Kevin says:

      This is very incredible! I’m super excited about this. The content is amazing and it finally happened. I was just thinking about this too!

  2. Look look look at this!
    RT @BrokenCityLab: “Alive & Well” viewable on Google Maps http://t.co/zsbPuFbf by BCL

  3. “AS OF 2011.09.21, WE ARE ALIVE & WELL” Windsor’s message to the world, now visible in Google Maps | http://t.co/oTkftB9N

  4. Huge pat on the back to all of you!

  5. Gammj says:

    Too bad you forgot that North is typically “up” in the northern hemisphere.

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