Sunset Now

Sunset Now by Adam Parker Smith

It’s been a little while since we’ve posted other people’s work, but I really like the idea of keeping an ongoing archive of interesting works. So, here is Adam Parker Smith’s Sunset Now. The viewer can adjust the speed of the sunset via the dimmer switch placed in front of the plexiglass sun.


Passage by Jason Rohrer

Passage, art game by Jason Rohrer

Passage by Jason Rohrer is a “journey through time.” Created for Montreal’s Gamma 256 competition, Passage allows you to travel through a maze within a 256×256 pixel area, where you meet your partner and travel through “life” together. Play it. Then read the statement.

Its simplicity is quite lovely and I realize more and more that I would enjoy video games a lot if they were all designed by artists. I would also recommend playing the Graveyard and reading Tale of Tales’ Realtime Artist Manifesto.