Keeping Busy

It might seem a bit quiet around here as of late, but rest assured we’re keeping busy. We’re in the thick of paperwork — grant reports, project proposals, etc. However, we’re also quickly approaching the start of a new project that you’ll see unfold here likely over the next month or two. Danielle is working […]

Getting things done!

The Eco-House was bumpin’ Friday night!  Amongst a slew of other undergoing projects, Michelle, Rosina, Josh and I we’re all hard at work, trying to get everything organized for our upcoming event and final installment of Save The City that’s taking place this Friday at the Art Gallery of Windsor! Rosina and I tackled the Save The City […]

Open Community Video

In tandem with The Open Corridor and Drive-Through Symphony events, Green Corridor has also installed another exhibit, Open Community Video.  This installation features videos from local students and community members.  The videos are rear-projected through the front window of one of the The Green Corridor’s new Ecohouses located at 372 California Ave. Open Community Video […]

New Broken City Lab Headquarters!

Green Corridor’s ecohouse recently moved to 362-372 California from it’s original Sunset Ave. location, providing multiple new opportunities for research and community collaboration.  Located in the 362 California house is a small office room that BCL has taken over! We started moving in Thursday evening and had quite a bit of trouble maneuvering those two […]

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