Parking Tickets – Update


So, back to the old sly-as-can-be ticket dispensing! It was a beautiful day, so handing out parking tickets was more of a joy than a chore. I’ve been letting my intuition and somewhat-extensive automotive knowledge guide me in choosing the cars I feel are “fuel efficient.” This Toyota Corolla (pictured) averages about 7L/100km, whereas the Dodge Viper (your average over-achieving American sports car, pictured below), averages around 14L/100km. Thanks to all of you who don’t mind sacrificing speed for fuel efficiency!

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Parking Tickets – Batch 1

Parking Tickets

Broken City Lab met in December of last year to visualize, create, and link our goals for 2009 and created a large mind map to help with this process.  One of the ideas brought up at this time was the following: create parking tickets that resemble those distributed by City of Windsor or University of Windsor Parking Service officials, but spin the ticket information in a way that compliments the owner of the vehicle instead of notifies him or her of impending fines. The first series of tickets display the message “operation of fuel efficient vehicle” in the space where “parking violation” or something similar would usually appear. I’ve posted the initial ticket design and two examples of the types of vehicles receiving these tickets. This will most likely be an ongoing process that I will complete throughout the summer, but since the City of Windsor Parking Services is currently on strike, these tickets should appear slightly confusing to the vehicle owners.

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