Plasticiens Volants’ “O Estrangeiro”


In keeping with our ongoing research about creating a Windsor parade, I thought I’d share some photos of Plasticiens Volants‘ “O Estrangeiro” parade in Sao Paulo. This parade, presented by Lost Art, gloriously displayed public art in the form of inflatable plastic floats and gathered thousands of people into the city streets. Besides funding, there aren’t many reasons why we couldn’t pull something like this off (possibly on a smaller scale). There are a few more excellent photos of the parade after the jump.

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Neglected Energy

Joshua Allen Harris

This work is by a New York base artist named Joshua Allen Harris, who creates characters that essentially become alive and animated once they harness unused, unrealized city energy. i.e. Air conditioning units, subway trains, fans etc.

I really like this idea of trapping energy and illustrating/quantifying it and infusing it with an unnatural property to animate it in some way.

Can we give the surplus of superfluous Windsor energy a colour, a materiality or a taste?

Inflatable Street Art

Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Sculptures

Using the bursts of exhaust air coming from subways in New York, artist Joshua Allen Harris combines plastic bags and tape to create these inflatable sculptures that rise and die with the constant passing of subway trains.

The use of existing conditions and materials to create something so great is incredible.

You can watch a number of videos of the works in motion at New York Magazine or Wooster Collective.

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