Neglected Energy

Joshua Allen Harris

This work is by a New York base artist named Joshua Allen Harris, who creates characters that essentially become alive and animated once they harness unused, unrealized city energy. i.e. Air conditioning units, subway trains, fans etc.

I really like this idea of trapping energy and illustrating/quantifying it and infusing it with an unnatural property to animate it in some way.

Can we give the surplus of superfluous Windsor energy a colour, a materiality or a taste?

5 Replies to “Neglected Energy”

  1. i walk by a exhaust vent that’s about 2 feet square which is by the Canadian Club offices and it always feels so good walking by the warm air coming out. i keep thinking of camping out there too since i see myself as homeless a lot. thankfully i haven’t been, but i’ve come close.

  2. I wonder if this wouldn’t work for some kind of Winter Visual Fringe… There are only a couple of wide grates that I’ve seen like the one in the initial photo. Though, I have yet to stand on or near them to see if anything is expelled. I will have to dbl check the locations of these vents

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