ZYBAN FOR SALE, Not exhaustive, nor complete, this map is a work-in-progress, documenting a community in-transition. For one afternoon in February 2010, we gathered together with a group of community members to create two distinct lists: Sites of Apology and Sites of Hope.

The locations identified as part of these two lists were noted as being places for which we, ZYBAN alternatives, as a community, might need to apologize to future generations, or places for which we might hold some particular hope of their role in creating a better city for future generations, cheap ZYBAN.

Over the following weeks and months, Generic ZYBAN, we gradually visited every site on the list to (un)officially recognize it, demarcating it with a large ribbon and saying a few words about its designation. We encourage you to make your own visit to these sites, ZYBAN pharmacy.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the list and had such an incredible and engaged conversation with us that day. This map is long overdue, Canada, mexico, india, but we hope it was worth the wait.

You can download the Sites of Apology / Sites of Hope Map (11"x17"), ZYBAN FOR SALE.

The text above is from the map itself, order ZYBAN online overnight delivery no prescription. We're hoping to gradually distribute these in print. Doses ZYBAN work,

The map went through a lot of design iterations, though we feel that this version best presents the sites -- that is, online buy ZYBAN without a prescription, as places to explore, ZYBAN from canada, connect, and demarcate for yourself, rather than documenting our process of demarcation with the ribbons, purchase ZYBAN. We recognized these sites in just one way of many, ZYBAN street price, and if you take on exploring these sites yourself, please let us know. ZYBAN FOR SALE, And here's the listing of sites... Sorry they're not noted as being either a site of apology or site of hope, buy ZYBAN online no prescription. If you're really curious, ZYBAN images, you should download the PDF.

1. Forgotten Street Car Rails / 2, purchase ZYBAN online no prescription. Sandwich Post Office / 3, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Forster High School / 4. ZYBAN for sale, Huron Church and College Avenue Intersection / 5. University of Windsor Parking Lots / 6. Indian Road Neighbourhood / 7, discount ZYBAN. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Indian Road Houses / 8. Assumption Church / 9. ZYBAN samples, Eco House / 10. Atkinson Park / 11. Grace Hospital / 12, ZYBAN long term. Empty Lot Beside Art Gallery of Windsor / 13, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Art Gallery of Windsor / 14. ZYBAN interactions, St.Clair Centre for the Arts / 15. Downtown Bus Terminal / 16. Canderel Building / 17, ZYBAN results. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Charles Clark Square / 18. The Old Bus Terminal/ 19. Buying ZYBAN online over the counter, The Old Bus Terminal Being Used for the Downtown Farmers’ Market / 20. Phog Lounge / 21. Artcite Inc, buy ZYBAN without a prescription. / 22, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Capitol Theatre’s Potential / 23. ZYBAN without prescription, Capitol Theatre Being Closed / 24. City Hall’s Inaction / 25. City Hall’s Occasional Good Decisions / 26, ZYBAN australia, uk, us, usa. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Windsor Workers’ Action Centre / 27. The Clock Being Invisible / 28.The Armouries / 29. ZYBAN blogs, Glengarry Avenue and Assumption Street / 30. Houses East of the Casino / 31. Riverfront Ampitheatre / 32, ZYBAN no rx. Tim Hortons / 33, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Jackson Park / 34. ZYBAN gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Erie Street Business District / 35. Motor Burger Transitioning from Noi / 36. Made in Windsor (RIP) / 37, ZYBAN dosage. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Peabody Building Closed Down / 38. Windsor Pride / 39. Order ZYBAN from mexican pharmacy, Taloola Cafe / 40. Artist Studios Lost in the Fire / 41. Drouillard Road / 42, buy ZYBAN without prescription. Former School Building Converted to Housing / 43, ZYBAN FOR SALE. Epic Buildings Boarded Up / 44. Pelee Passage Light House / 45. Ganacho Trail / 46. WFCU Centre / 47. ZYBAN FOR SALE, Zalev Brothers Scrap Yard / 48. Devonshire Mall / 49. Dense Suburbs / 50. Walker Road Big Box Stores

And here's the map layout for 18"x24", of which we've made a few prints.

Below are most of the photos from our gradual demarcation activities. There are a few site photographs that were pulled from screenshots of old iPhoto libraries, and a few others that are entirely MIA, ZYBAN FOR SALE. We thought about going out and reshooting them, but the fact is that we already visited those sites and we recognized them, and now, we're really hoping you'll do the same.

So, presented in the order that we demarcated the sites (and not in the order as they appear on the map, which is west to east), without further adieu, the Sites of Apology and Sites of Hope of Windsor, Ontario as determined by a small, but dedicated group of Windsorites back in February 2010.

The Ecohouse

Assumption Church

Indian Road

The neighbourhood around Indian Road

Sandwich Post Office

Forgotten streetcar tracks

Forster High School

University of Windsor parking lots

Atkinson Skate Park

Downtown Bus Terminal

Community Museum

Canderel Building

St.Clair College downtown renovations

Phog Lounge

The Capitol Theatre


Windsor Workers' Action Centre

Windsor Pride

Old bus station

The Armouries

City Hall

Charles Clark Square

The hidden clock

Vacant Tim Hortons

Jackson Park

Riverfront Amphitheater

Burned down studios

Erie Street BIA

Drouillard Road

Big box complex

Devonshire Mall

Zalev's scrap yard

Endless subdivisions

College Avenue and Huron Church

Grace Hospital

Converted buildings (old schools to lofts)

Ganatchio Trail

East Riverside buildings


Made in Windsor (RIP)

Broken City Lab: Save the City was generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

OAC bar A Toolkit for Saving a City.

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Sites of Apology / Sites of Hope

The details: Sunday, February 28, 2010 (1pm) at 362 California Ave, Windsor As part of the Broken City Lab: Save the City project, and to better understand the city and its rich and failed history, Broken City Lab researchers will host an open community event on Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 1pm to map and invent two […]

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