• Sorry we missed you! But, this might not be the last time we do this … I think there are still a lot of places that could be added, given enough time. Maybe opening it up online could be interesting eventually.

  1. Cool, couldn’t make it but I hope you got the pics I dropped off. 3 houses across from casino parking garage entrance in themselves or as a part of the entire glengarry Marentette area covered in the Community Improvement Plan that was shelved 5 years ago allowing for the area to decay and missing any opportunity to leverage the convention center/arena investment (don’t consider the casino an investment cause customers don’t leave but the convention center/arena could have been a site of hope)

    The pelissier bldg can also be seen in and of itself or as part of the entire Pelissier streetscape project starting this year. The box office bldg was linked with 6 shootings so to have that converted to potential neighborhood retail (think local wine store/florist/etc.. with artist work/live spaces above is a real coup.

    • Yes, Mark, thanks for the pics and the suggestions for the list, that area around the Casino fell into the sites of apology side (for the reasons you cited), while that area on Pelissier is definitely a site of hope … would love to see that area revitalized.

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