Another Look at Portals

Art Project of the Day

While we’ve been imagining and devising our own portals for How to Forget the Border Completely,  San Francisco artist Jeff Waldman has been creating his own type of imaginative gateway in an endeavour he’s called ‘The Happiness Project’.

Pictured above is Waldman’s first installation called ‘Shut In’, which features a couple interior locks, and a large keyhole that emits a strong light from within.

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Constructing a City of Boxes

Box City in the Gallery

After a long day of classes and studying, a few friends of mine wandered into the Lebel gallery to let loose and make ridiculous things out of heaps of cardboard boxes. The creating of the ‘box city’ was open to anyone curious enough to take part. Of course the essentials (boxes, scissors, coloured tape, paint and brushes) were supplied and all that was required was a bit of imagination!

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A Visualization of Dream Theories

thoughts on dreams.

This is Traumgedanken, or Thoughts on Dreams, by German artist Maria Fischer. Fischer compiled 76 pages of various articles on dream theories and connected all similar ideas and key points together using coloured string, which continues to the end of the book. It’s a great way to visualize the information. I’d love a Psych textbook like this, please.


I found this on Colossal.

Something I’ve Been Working On

free compliments. from Kind over Matter.

I was going to keep this a secret endevour of my own, but I feel like this could be a million times better if I discussed it with you first!  So, I’d like to take advantage of my first Note to describe to you a project I’ve been working on for the past month that I hope to finish and display very soon!

Whilst  tumbling on the interwebs, I came across the image above (from Kind Over Matter) and thought about expanding that idea even further than just simple compliments.

Here is my first attempt at a poster I’d be putting up around places (mostly bus stops) to give those waiting an opportunity to read something entertaining or thought provoking.

I’m not set on the block of text just yet. That will most likely change.


A sampling of what would be on the  detachable tabs. So far, there really isn’t a limit as to what can be included on these tabs. I’ve added some quotes, pictures, random facts and RECIPES!


I want  any and all comments/suggestions from you all!

ROA’s Giant Animal Lanticular

I recently stumbled upon a really neat post by Wooster Collective that featured work by Roa. This piece was found in London, England on a warehouse building with very interesting dimensions.  The picture changes when it is viewed from a different angle.     I haven’t heard of his work prior, so when I dug  a little deeper, I found out that he’s been painting all sorts of animals on buildings and walls around Europe. I think it’s a very cute concept, especially because his paintings of wildlife are specifically found in urban settings.  Something as noticeable as this would be really fun to see on some of the bland buildings around the city, don’t you think?

There are more photos of Roa’s work under the cut.

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Eric Boucher Micro-Residency Iteration 5/5


Yesterday, Eric Boucher met with my uncle, Lou Tortola, to interview him for his Micro Residency.  Lou immigrated to Windsor from Italy in the seventies, when he was about ten or eleven, and is now a successful entrepreneur, established writer, and CEO of eliquidMEDIA.  Over some espresso and biscotti, he talked with Eric about his first impressions of Windsor and Detroit as a child, and gave his perspective on the cultural aspects of the city. Because his line of work allows him to travel frequently to all sorts of places, he also discussed cities with similar qualities as Windsor and the lack of enthusiasm for home-grown talent.

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