12 Container House

This house, made of 12 shipping containers, is included in Han Slawik’s book Container Atlas. I’m sure most people have heard of the concept of container houses in passing, but haven’t had the chance to see a successful example in detail. This particular example is pretty lavish, but the idea of using recycled structures as […]

Already thinking about next summer

This week’s meeting started off kind of slow. A long week had us collectively feeling strapped for good ideas, but we had a specific task list in front of us. Looking at the calendar, an idea we had talked about not all that long ago, suddenly has a pressing deadline. We’re looking to put together […]

Fun with Cardboard Letters

To continue the progress of our cardboard letter project, I took the remaining pieces home on the weekend to finish T, E, and R. Though the first stage may be over, there’s still plenty left to work on in terms of researching and experimenting with various materials which I looked into as well.

Saturday Night in Detroit

 Last night Justin, Danielle and I headed over to the Magic Stick to take part in the We Like Music Festival.

We Like Music, We Love Detroit

As Michelle mentioned last week, we’re doing a projection inside of The Magic Stick as part of the We Like Music Festival in Detroit this Saturday, September 18. The organizers of We Like Music invited us to do something — so, we figured we would come up with a great big list of things we […]

‘M’ore Letter-Making

As you can see from a post we made a few days ago, we’ve been working on constructing a large-scale cardboard text statement. My job over the weekend was to re-do the first 3D letter we made–we made the letter ‘m’ too small horizontally and didn’t want it to be prone to falling over when […]

Reasons Why We Love Detroit

In preparation for our upcoming contribution to the We Like Music Festival happening at The Magic Stick in Detroit, we are brainstorming a running list of reasons why we like Detroit. This blog post will be the spot where we can bounce ideas back and fourth through comments to use in our projection of text […]

This is Going to be a Good Year

We met tonight and we’re feeling good. It was a long summer, but we know what we want to do in the coming months. It’s going to be really, really great. And really, how could it not be? These letters are looking so good so far!!! So much more soon.

Arduino, PHP, LCDs, XBees: Tactical Texting in Public Spaces

While the adventure in working on this project began months ago, I’ve finally sorted through the mess of files I made and put it all together in a nice handy zip folder. Using Arduinos, XBees, LCDs, and PHP, this project was challenging from a technical stand-point, but I think the project is now at a […]

Oversized Envelopes: Working on Distributing an Imaginary Platform

It was just Rosina and I on Wednesday night, but we didn’t let that stop us from starting some new work! I remember when I first posted / talked about the Imaginary Platform, Rosina had seemed keen on figuring out a way to distribute it. So, that’s how we spent the evening, working through ideas […]

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