Untitled Sign No. 2

Untitled Sign No 2 by Kasper Sonne

This building vaguely reminded me of something on the University of Windsor campus… ┬áthis could be somewhere near Leddy library or Essex Hall. It’s actually part of the Tempo Skien Annual Temporary Outdoor Exhibition, in Norway.

The work is by Kasper Sonne, who regularly works with text in his gallery and public work.

If the University of Windsor was really smart, they would get that awful yellow sign down from atop of the residence building so readily legible from the Ambassador Bridge and make that space an annual international public art competition. They could attract artists from across the world to make work that could be seen by an international audience every single day.


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  1. Great idea! Along the lines of signs….wouldn’t it be interesting to somehow compare the difference in brightness/visibility of the only two red glowing text signs in Windsor…both of which are super important to our city: Ambassabor Bridge and Caesars

    also ps. Love the new site design!

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