A Set of Informal Questions about London, Ontario

We want to know about London, Ontario.

We’re doing an exhibition at Forest City Gallery, opening in September, and we’re looking into the wide range of narratives that go into constructing a place — the architecture, the headlines, the people, the memories, the relationships, the rumours — and we’re hoping you can help us out.

Whether you’re a longtime resident,  someone who just moved in, or even if you’ve only ever visited London, Ontario, we want to hear about it all.

So, just fill out the form below, tell us some stories, and we’ll work with all of this for our exhibition.


6 Responses to “A Set of Informal Questions about London, Ontario”
  1. Fax them your 100 Ways Project. :-) RT @kvl: Hey #ldnont pay attention to this http://j.mp/pD7C7r /cc @late2game

  2. We looked at 100 ways to improve London, Ontario just over a year ago. Here were some of the responses:


  3. Damon Muma says:

    There’s a lot to chew on in here.. when’s the deadline? And can we do answers to different questions separately?

    Really looking forward to see what you come up with!

  4. Interesting project -> A Set of Informal Questions about London, Ontario | Broken City Lab: http://t.co/rbyuaMI #ldnont

  5. Tell @BrokenCityLab what you think about #LndOnt http://t.co/SvfwiSZ Contribute to their upcoming exhibition at FCG! #lndevents #fcgevents

  6. @MayorFontana tell us what you think about #LdnOnt http://t.co/Y6GJ3nD Be among the Londoners who are contributing to our next exhibition

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