Announcing CIVIC SPACE (Community Innovation through Vital Interactions & Collaborations)

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We’re incredibly excited to announce a new initiative that will become the centre of our focus for the next two years.

CIVIC SPACE (Community Innovation through Vital Interaction & Collaboration Space) will launch on Thursday, June 21st at 411 Pelissier Street in downtown Windsor. Supported by the Ontario Trillium FoundationCIVIC SPACE will serve as a hub for our events, public activities, and research around locality, infrastructure, education, and creative practice as a driver for civic change.

This storefront space (once a textile store and before that a jeweller) will soon host new community projects, artist residencies, DIY workshops, public lectures and a range of other new initiatives for the next 24-months. CIVIC SPACE will aim to engage the public in addressing community challenges through new programming and activities that initiate collaborative creative problem solving.

On June 21st at 7pm, we’ll be kicking things off with the Letter Library (A Collection of Alphabetic Interventions). This open community project invites anyone and everyone to come borrow from our letterset to caption the city around them. With Windsor at the edge of so many transitions, how might we collectively reclaim and create our own public narratives about the future of our city through this playful intervention? Anyone participating will be issued a Letter Library Card and will able to sign out 12″ 3D letters from our collection to create their own temporary installation, document it with one of our single-use cameras, and ultimately help to build an archive of new captions for the city’s build environment.

We’ll also be announcing the rest of our summer programming very soon … stay close.

CIVIC SPACE would not be possible without the incredibly generous support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

P.S. If you’re interested in applying for a residency, looking to connect for a new collaborative project, or just interested in (finally) making the trip to Windsor, be in touch.

And below, here’s what’s been keeping us busy over the last six weeks or so…




















































































11 Responses to “Announcing CIVIC SPACE (Community Innovation through Vital Interactions & Collaborations)”
  1. ” Announcing CIVIC SPACE (Community Innovation through Vital Interactions & Collaborations) ” —

  2. congrats w/ new space! @BrokenCityLab: You should keep June 21st open …

  3. Great news! @BrokenCityLab got Trillium Foundation funds for CIVIC SPACE Worth a visit to the border cities.

  4. CIVIC SPACE today from 11am-4pm. Planning & prepping for the Letter Library (A Collection of Alphabetic Interventions)

  5. The good folks at ‘Broken City Lab’ inspire us.

  6. CIVIC SPACE from 11am – 4pm today. Writing & making today, while we prep for launch! If you’re in the hood, stop by!

  7. Jason Niles says:

    sw ontario boy watching from the west… awesome job and congrats on the new space! excited to visit one day.

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