1. Dan

    I figured out how to solve the problem.

    We can cut a small hole in the glass and have a human dictaphone (I volunteer) to transcribe the info.

    It is all I got…..

  2. So simple and elegant, Dan. Makes me wonder why I both with this silly technology!

    I also like the name, maybe we should register it … Human Dictaphone … I like it.

  3. You can use a simple blob/centroid detection in cv.jit to see the hand. This would flip the record switch, when it leaves it stops the recording, names the file and places in your chosen directory. The camera could be a $10 webcam with some infrared LEDs to brighten up the shot when it’s night time, attached to the computer with USB. Have the camera facing the window.

    The audio could come from a piezo disc attached to the window like my earlier project with your SRSI. It makes the entire window a microphone and I could hear people talking clearly standing feet away form the window.

    All of this could be inside and running 24/7 for days.


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