Community Garden Site

the heritage sign

I went out to the site for our proposed community garden to take some photos yesterday. It’s looking fairly likely that this will be the site for our community garden starting this summer. This park is located at Russell and Mill near the Sandwich windmill. We’re still working out all the details, but everything has been really positive so far. Many more details to follow, but for now, I just started to visually map out there area.

Sandwich and Russell

Entering the park from the south. This site is kitty-corner to the Baby Duff house.

the old mill

Here’s a better shot of the sidewalk entering the park. The path leading to the right seems to be a good bike path that leads along this park area and the site to the left. There’s also some bike racks already down here!

Mill Street Heritage Park

The sign, Mill Street Heritage Park.

The Sandwich Windmill

The mill itself was recreated in 1992.

the doors at the mill

Here are the doors for eventual access to water and tools.

the grass

There are some apartment buildings and a couple houses that surround the park, it’s not a heavy traffic area, but there’s a fairly regular flow of pedestrian and automobile traffic.

the windmill at a distance

From the other side of the park. The plots will likely be to the left of the picnic tables.

the playground equipment

This is a small bit of playground equipment on the other side of the park. I like that this is here, even if it is probably underused.

plastic edging

This edging surrounds the equipment, but I think it will also act as the edging for our garden beds.

the edging

This is a better indication of what the edging is actually like, it will sit about 10″ high, since we don’t need to bury it at all. It will just help contain the soil, giving us raised beds.

little tikes

I guess this stuff is called little tikes, or is made by little tikes?

the park

Here’s a shot from the east-end of the park, near the playground.

the view entering the park

This is from the pathway leading from Russell and Mill.

a window for a camera perhaps?

There are some windows in the Windmill, it might be a good site to put a time-lapse camera in there.

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      1. doesn’t look like they can stack on top of each other though. so still not sure if don will let us remove some grass under the planters. we should try to talk more about the installation of these planters and the details of requirements for the soil prep. i know we started last week, so we can do it again this week.

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