Cross-Border Communication: We’ve Missed You (and other things worth saying)


Last night was the second iteration of Cross-Border Communication where we sent a variety of messages from Windsor to Detroit. We started with “We’ve Missed You.”

We’ll be doing the final iteration of this suite of Cross-Border Communication tonight (Wednesday) around the usual time (8pm).


Some other folks stopped by on our side to see the projection, though I’m not sure who (if anyone) was on Detroit’s waterfront tonight.


We didn’t animate the message tonight, but instead went with a variety of messages.


Lee’s suggestion: “Windsor Calling.”


Then a reference to the falling number of visits between our countries.


Truth: “We Need to Talk.”


Cristina taking photos, tethered to her tripod.


Wishing our neighbours goodnight.


Some of our friends who stopped by and braved the cold.


The view from Windsor of Detroit’s Hart Plaza (ideal viewing location for Cross-Border Communication).


From Leesa, “Tomorrow is another day.”


And finally, “We’ll Talk Tomorrow.” And we will.

This project is made possible by the University of Windsor’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Leadership Chair and Spectrodata.

8 Replies to “Cross-Border Communication: We’ve Missed You (and other things worth saying)”

  1. Are you sending anyone across to Detroit to get documentation of how readable this is from the other side? Or did you already test this and I missed it? Anyway, would love to see how it looks from our neighbours’ viewpoint.

    1. We’ve heard from folks who were on the Detroit side that the text is legible, but I haven’t seen any photos yet … from the photos that I took from Detroit’s side of Windsor’s waterfront last spring, it seemed like it should be fairly visible.

      Anyways, I’m totally with you Jodi, I can’t wait to see some shots from Detroit’s view!

  2. good work on this justin..

    im happy to see it in action.

    love this project. have you heard any response from anyone in detroit by chance?

    1. hi Shane,
      Nice to hear from you! We’ve heard from a few friends who saw some of the projections and it was a great response. Really not sure how many people saw it, but in some ways, that’s kind of the reality of the situation … how much of what happens here can really effect anything across the river, and strangely, how much of what happens in Detroit really does effect what happens here.

  3. This kind of outreach is what is needed across the board. We need this in our own community from residents to higher education, business, arts, and more.

    A step toward bringing Detroiters closer to us in Windsor is a HUGE step in the right direction.

    I commend you on this project.

    Really, when you’re asked to name five FRIENDS you have from Detroit, we’re lost. We can’t do it, really. We don’t have enough true friends in Detroit, so how can we have an interest in their suffering? We’re barely on speaking terms with our “neighbours”, and this kind of message says, “We need to be a part of each other’s lives,” which I completely agree with.

    Mucho respect.

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