Eric Boucher Micro-Residency Iteration 2/5


Yesterday afternoon, Eric Boucher came to the School of Visual Arts to interview my friend and fellow Windsor-based artist, Lucy Howe, for his ongoing Micro-Residency with Broken City Lab. Each BCL fellow will be introducing Eric to a person whom he has never met. Eric then will be interviewing each person exclusively on the topic of Windsor.


The interview with Lucy was really great—I played sound recordist, so I listened intently as Lucy and Eric had a sprawling and insightful conversation on the ways in which Windsor is seen from the outside, how our community reacts to that, and the many unique things about this area that seem to be continually undervalued or unrecognized.


I’m really anxious to see how these all turn out. Eric’s next interview will likely be sometime later this week with someone that Josh chooses.

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    1. Awesome, have fun! I hear that Terry is quite the character, should have a lot of really interesting things to talk about!

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