First 5 Text In-Transit Panels Installed

Everything is Possible - on the tunnel bus

Last night Danielle and I went to the downtown Transit Windsor terminal to install the first five test panels we had printed for Text In-Transit. The panels read: everything is possible, YOU MADE MY DAY, YOU ARE THE CITY, YOU CHANGED EVERYTHING, and changing the world starts by changing this city. We had to install these panels while the buses momentarily stopped at the terminal, so it was pretty quick. When we install the rest of the panels later this month, we’ll do it at the garage.

waiting to get on the bus

We were going to install these panels on three buses—the Transway 1C Westbound, the Transway 1C Eastbound, and the Tunnel Bus.

everything is possible

on the Transway 1C West, Windsor, Ontario

First panel up was YOU ARE THE CITY on the Transway 1C Westbound.

on the Transway 1C West

I hadn’t perfected the installation technique yet.

securing the first panel

The on-duty supervisor who organized us getting onto the buses to do this gave me a hand.

You Made My Day

The next panel, YOU MADE MY DAY, was installed on the Transway 1C Eastbound, it went a lot smoother.

You Changed Everything - on the Transway 1C Eastbound

I also installed YOU CHANGED EVERYTHING on the 1C Eastbound.

You Changed Everything on the Transway 1C Eastbound

I wish we had been able to stay on the buses to see if people noticed the signs.

on to the Tunnel Bus

Next up was the Tunnel Bus.

on the tunnel bus

It was parked for a while, so it was a bit easier to get on and install and find a good place for the signs. On the other buses, because it was so quick, I just had to find any open space.

everything is possible

I installed two panels near the back of the tunnel bus.

everything is possible on the tunnel bus

First I installed “everything is possible”.

everything is possible

I really liked that this one will be going across the border.

changing the world starts by changing this city

Second was “changing the world starts by changing this city”.

changing the world starts by changing this city

I’m really happy the first five panels are up. We still need to go through the submissions, but the remaining 95 panels should be up by the end of April. Let me know if you see any of these panels up while on your public transit travels.

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    1. Thanks Carolina!!!

      @Robert, Nicole, and Steven – Please keep me posted if you do see any of the panels on the buses… but I’m not sure how often those buses switch routes.

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