Flyer-box planters

I don’t generally have much use for CRAFT: magazine (now relegated strictly to blog-format). Allow me to summarize: “I made a(nother) cake stand! My T-shirt blinks! Who likes cupcakes?! Aprons rule!” But, for all its disingenuous crypto-consumerism and further-watering-down of the Third Wave, they do occasionally link to something interesting.


The flyer-box planter is nice-enough, in and of itself, though it might be even nicer to see retired newspaper veding boxes repurposed in this way. I mean, in the print-to-digital shift, I don’t think anyone much misses the real estate listings (the free weeklies are another matter), but something like this could conceivably work to draw attention to, say, the problematic bloggification of print journalism, in addition to your standard-issue urban blight.

7 Replies to “Flyer-box planters”

  1. This is a really beautiful planter and as was posted, this is extremely interesting in light of the obsoletism of print paradigm. So happy to see progress and success of BCL’s eco planters, I really enjoy following your work. Keep up the eco action!!!!!!

  2. hey, louise at jones & co offered up similar news boxes to me a few weeks back. if you go behind her store, there might be some left. free for the picking!

  3. also.. Metro Times is no longer distributing paper copies on our side of the border..

    but they’ve left all their boxes… so those are up for grabs too!

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