1. Someone should try this on the outdoor ice rink downtown at Charles Clark Square. Make sure you cover it with lots of water after because the Zamboni scrapes a small layer of ice off before it floods the surface. If you can get it below that layer, it will be there all winter.

    You could even go really big on this, painting a message with a roller over the whole ice rink and flooding it with water from a nearby tap (check near/in the plants.. used for watering). You might even be able to make something viewable from google earth, but I doubt they’ll be updating the images of Windsor any time soon.

    • That would be a great, huge project, and at some point it crossed my mind, but seemed like it would be tough to do (good call of where to look for water sources though).

      This will definitely go on the “projects for next winter” list!

  2. definitely a must!

    This was bittersweet… once it was up it looked great, then it melted in a day or so, courtesy of the glorious Windsor weather.

    • Danielle, it was totally a good call to forego the monofilament line on this last install… we should keep on thinking about other ways to get these up that leave less (or nothing) behind and are easier to work with.

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