Let’s Be Friends

Let's Be Friends, Text On Ice installed at Forster Secondary School, Windsor, Ontario

Another iteration of our Text On Ice series, this time spelling out, “Let’s Be Friends” and mounted on a fence bordering the Forster Secondary School‘s field.

installing Let's Be Friends on the fence

Danielle and I made quick work, though as usual, our fingers froze long before we finished.

installing Let's Be Friends on the fence

It would have been easier to have someone else on the other side of the fence, trying to pass monofilament line that’s wanting to curl up is difficult, especially in the cold.

Let's Be Friends, Text On Ice, installed in Windsor, Ontario

I’m happy with how this one turned out, though now I want to start thinking about 1 letter per block. We’ll need many freezers. I’ll post some notes and photos on the process soon.

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  1. i’ll bring some of those round form pans to the cookie bake on sunday. i forget what they call those pans, but just in case you want to try using them too.

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