Some Laser Cut Acrylic for New Project (unboxing)

Just unboxed our laser cut acrylic from Ponoko for a new project we’ll be working on over the summer. We started some really early brainstorming on this over six months ago, so it feels really great to finally be moving it forward. Above, the back of the piece of acrylic.

The front, with the protecting masking tape-like cover (which also holds it together).

Turn around time wasn’t too bad, probably a couple of weeks from order to arrival. Very impressed with the quality though, as I was a little worried about the details potentially getting lost in the smaller text, but as far as I can tell, all the details are there!

Maybe we’ll start on the next phase of this project next week?

One Response to “Some Laser Cut Acrylic for New Project (unboxing)”
  1. Hiba says:

    This is wicked! Can’t wait to make the first plaque!

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