The Non-Workshop Workshop

The first Non-Workshop Workshop kicked off last night.

Every Thursday at 7pm at Civicspace, you can come in and discuss ideas or work on your own projects. You don’t need to come with something to do; Non-Workshop Workshop is also made to facilitate┬ácollaboration, and maybe someone else will come in with something that you’re interested in helping out with. See you next week!

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  1. I like this idea a lot. As in, we should do this here in Cincinnati at Chase Public (.com).

    Could you say a little more about this event? Was there a set amount of time for people to share the project with the entire group? Did some people just work on their own thing the whole time? What kinds of projects did people discuss or work on? Drawing, painting, building, writing, photographing, filming, others?

    What level of proficiency did people have in their project areas? Were they people who came members of your BCL community or area locals? How ambitious/crazy were the projects?

    Would you be willing to post the advice/critique sheet?

    1. Hi there! I’m sorry for the late reply.

      I uploaded the sheet to a public folder in my Dropbox account (found here:

      The way we set the event up, we wanted people to present their idea at the beginning of the workshop, or whenever they came in. Most of the projects so far have been smaller, personal projects that people hadn’t been making the time for otherwise, like tattoo designs, CV writing, etc.

      I think that as the workshop is still new, it’s going to take some time to build an established base of people who come frequently. I’ll continue to post about how Non-Workshop Workshop shifts and changes to accommodate various ideas and groups of people.

      If you would like additional information about Non-Workshop Workshop, feel free to email me, at!

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