LEDs, Resistors, 9V Power

LED + 270ohm resistor + 9V battery

I got the needed resistors right before Christmas, though hadn’t had a chance to post this yet. As you can see, there’s a 270Ω resistor, a 9V battery, and a 10mm LED working… along with the resistors, I got a 9V power supply, so we can make signs and run them off the wall, rather than relying on a ton of batteries. As I’m unsure about just how long a whole bunch of LEDs could run on battery, I suppose depending on the size of the batteries this could vary… connecting a bunch of D batteries to add up to 9V will certainly last longer than one of these alone.

We’ll get started on this soon.

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  1. looks good. i just bought 10 batteries today but they’re nimh rechargeable ones. i never had enough for my flash, scanner, flip. all things i’ve had that use LEDs and batteries seem to last forever. but it’s usually just one LED using the power source.

  2. I’m still psyched about this one.
    Glad we have a nice chunk of time to work this one out.
    I’ll be working on the ticket project along with everything else. 2009 WILL be an interesting year.

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