Pierre Huyghe’s Streamside Day

Pierre Huyghe's Streamside Day

I was watching Season 4 of Art21 today and was reminded of this work by Pierre Huyghe, who creates films, installations, interventions, and public events.

Streamside Day was a work in which Huyghe scripted a celebration for a small town named Streamside, which included costumes, deserts, songs, speeches, parades, and decorations.¬†You can read more about the project in the interview, and there’s also a video there of the project.

So, I have to wonder, when will we begin our plans for a Windsor-based parade? A “Windsor Day”, a celebration of everything that makes this city what it is (which will by definition have to include the numerous things wrong with the city), a parade with small floats, inflatable sculptures, and marching bands. We’ve talked about it before, maybe we should plan one for next summer.

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  1. Windsor does have a large history with the automobile. Would they be included in this parade? Say any car older than 65 years old? Then maybe contrast this with people powered movement of Windsor – the numerous cycling groups, maybe running groups

    Would it only be for things we appreciate about Windsor, or would we invite High School Marching Bands from the U.S.?

    A lot of what I appreciate most about Windsor, I can’t see how it would be incorporated into a parade. Local farmers, the river, the green areas that we do have, etc.

    1. I think the parade would have to incorporate those very things that you appreciate the most … I’m not sure how, but I know I’d rather look forward to celebrating the things that can represent the city I’d like to see Windsor become, more than what Windsor has been in the past.

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