Reverse Graffiti in South Africa

We’ve tossed around the idea of engaging in some form of reverse graffiti in Windsor for quite a while now. I assume there must be a few Windsor buildings dirty enough for a nice contrast-heavy design. Any suggestions? I think the Hiram Walker storage facilities near Russel Woods are covered with a black residue, but the premises are private and probably inaccessible. Apparently there are no laws prohibiting reverse graffiti in this part of South Africa. I wonder if we have any? I’d like to find out!

Via: The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

2 Replies to “Reverse Graffiti in South Africa”

  1. It seems kind of absurd that there are laws against reverse graffiti — in principle, an activity like things is cleaning a surface, just selectively cleaning. Not sure what the deal in Windsor would be though.

    I’d like to see this take place on underpasses on Drouillard and Wyandotte.

    On another note, but thinking about projects, I finally talked to Lee about the cardboard, I’ll try to pick up a bunch next week!

  2. It said there aren’t any laws in Africa but someone keeps washing it away. Odd? I’m glad you got in touch with Lee. I knew he was still around. Can’t wait to start building!

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