SRSI, Day 24: Imagination Lab & Disco Balls

424 Pelissier was a fun space for kids to be creative all day on Sunday as part of Imagination Lab. Merry Ellen set up her baking station over in that space. Later Sunday night, I accompanied Laura to do some more installations.

The kids had a lot fo fun interacting with each other and learning about sharing and co-operating.

The use of natural ingredients to make crafts produce great scents in the space.

The open environment lets the children make their own choices on materials to use.

Ayesha and Nicolette did an awesome job organizing Imagination Lab and participating in the fun.

The kids all had a really great and memorable time!

Merry Ellen brought an apple raspberry pie that incorporated the leftover juice from the Indian Road cherries from last Sunday.

She had pre-made blueberry and rhubarb filling and balls of pie dough for easy pie building on-location.

Merry Ellen will be back Sunday, July 11 as part of the SRSI three-day closing ceremonies occurring July 9 -11.

The kids enjoyed a break from creating to enjoy some homemade pie. They were very appreciative and greatful for the pie from Merry Ellen!

As a small intervention to the infrastructure and colour scheme of the road under construction, Nicolette chose to release these black rocks into the middle of the road.

The stones contrasted greatly with the white and grey construction rocks and looked a bit odd and misplaced in the middle of the road. By the end of the day, the cars coming out of the parking garage had run over the rocks to the point where the white dust had covered them making them almost unnoticeable.

Laura and I met up at dusk to install two more PL1999 payphones.

The first location had quite a few people around and a lot of them were watching us. One man was quite literally 6 feet away facing us and staring.

This is a google street view image of the first location. The payphone is pretty much out in the open.

The pl1999 looks absolutely gorgeous!!

The man approached the booth the check out what Laura had done immediately after we had left by foot. This morning Laura saw that the PL1999 had been removed overnight, most likely soon after it was installed.

The installation of the PL1999 is very quick. Luckily I was able to get some good shots with my camera later on in the night when I had figured out some settings. It was my first time really taking pictures at night so it was a learning experience for me too, amplified by the rapid installation on Laura’s part.

This one was installed on the corner of Victoria and Chatham. It was still up last night around 1am, but we haven’t been down to see if it remains since then.

We used a strobe light on this one instead of just a regular light to create a different effect.

Mission Complete.

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.

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