1. Ha great. I’m definitely a Steve Lambert fan. I think this statement might look like this in C.

    void main(void)

    int theWorld, weDesire, makeItOurselves;

    if (theWorld != weDesire)
    printf (“Deal with reality.\n”);

    else (makeItOurselves <= weDesire)

  2. Great If-then-else statement…..may I borrow it for an upcoming event? This is my first time visiting this blog – now it is part of my regular feed. Thanks for providing a place to look at things differently. Fresh perspectives always invigorate and renew.

  3. Kevin

    Yes, this is really awesome. Great to see Steve Lambert on the site: love the work.
    I love how concise the statement is, and it’s very clear in its diction. The way the if-then-else statement makes you work is an awesome positive-limitation if that makes any sense!
    Love to see more of these. AMAZING POST

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