1. Thanks for posting this here. I was a bit confused at first since I didn’t think I posted my photos here, but glad you thanked me at the end. The photos kind of sucked. I should of took more of each presenter since I only had 2 or 3 to pick and usually there was a not so pleasing look on their face. I really wanted to hang out at phog after, but stopped back into Artcite to help clean up, and then took the bus home. Phog was a bit too packed for me.

  2. Hi Justin, I went to phog for a quick warm up, but wanted to go back to artcite to help clean up and talk to steve about setting up the next exhibit at artcite. I mostly wanted to talk to Mark Buckner and Sasha, but I will try to do an audio interview with Mark on Monday night after the blogger meeting.

    • Thanks Josh! Yeah, we need to figure out how to give a talk like that and still give the gist of what we’re doing… Let’s talk about that Tuesday…

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