Talk20 / Pecha Kucha

Talk20 in Windsor, Ontario at Artcite

Organized by local artist Jodi Green, the Windsor iteration of Talk20 happens on Thursday, February 19th, and will feature six-minute presentations by Mita Williams, Rod Strickland, Tom Lucier, Pina and Adriano Ciotoli, Andrew Foot, and Justin Langlois.

“Talk20 is not a lecture but a gathering, an open forum for the dissemination of ideas in art, architecture and design.  Produced in cities around the world talk20 has emerged as a live catalogue of contemporary creative production that seeks to instigate a conversation within and without the design community.”

The presentations start at 7:30pm at Artcite. See you there!

4 Replies to “Talk20 / Pecha Kucha”

    1. I think talk 20 is a great starting point for informing residence of Windsor of all the possibilities and local disasters on hand….but, the people who need to hear the message the most are not attending this type of venue. The points brought up about reaching people through blogging, via internet, facebook are indeed affective; but anyone like myself who spends their day at work on a computer, doesnt always tediously go through mail or facebook fowards. But i think we need to create a bigger venue, at one of the annual festivals, shows, etc….and get people motivated, and active in trying to bring these matters and projects to life. Maybe start with a meeting and get everyone to come together to make one plan happen at a time. People can be oblivious to things, i am a criminal of it myself, i would have not otherwise heard of talk 20, if my professor had not been one of the guest speakers.
      People are aware of the issues in windsor….but i think it would be good to make the autoworkers aware of the changes that can be made…..rather just focusing on saving the plants!!!
      Talk 20 has my support….so lets make things happen

      1. Samantha, you’re right, and it came up that night—just about everyone there was already in the know. The way I look at something like Talk20 though, is that it can act as a way to start the conversation about what’s happening in the city, and for those who aren’t heavily involved in the blogging community, this was probably the first time they’ve been able to engage with all these ideas.

        However, I don’t think Talk20 is the thing at which we’re going to turn around this city. I think it served as a launching point for further discussion (and it did that already), that’s all it needed to do. To try to rally everyone together is difficult, and in some ways unnecessary. There needs to be many parallel initiatives happening at the same time to really make any kind of incremental change. Huge numbers of people rallying around one cause might not make that much of an impact, but that same number of people working in smaller groups to incrementally change things, that’s where you’ll see something happen.

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